NO APOLOGY FROM WALMART After Police Officer in Uniform Refused Service By Clerks

The St. Cloud, Florida police department has filed a formal complaint with Walmart after a police officer in uniform was refused service by two clerks working at a Walmart store in St. Cloud.

The incident was reported by Central Florida TV news outlet WFTV which got confirmation from Walmart and police that a clerk refused to ring up the officer’s purchases by pointing at her (the clerk’s) skin color. A fellow clerk laughed and also did not help the officer.

Incredibly, Walmart’s corporate office confirmed the incident but did not issue an apology.

WFTV reported Walmart would not comment because it was a personnel issue.

Eyewitness News confirmed the officer walked into the Walmart on 13th Street, grabbed what he needed and then headed for the checkout.

The officer told a friend the cashier pointed to her skin color and told them she wouldn’t ring up his items.

The officer told that friend a second employee laughed at the way the officer was treated.

…Walmart and police confirmed the incident to Channel 9.

(WFTV reporter Field) Sutton contacted Walmart’s corporate office to comment on the incident, but was told, “This is an unfortunate situation, but we cannot comment on an active HR investigation.”

No apology, no commitment by Walmart that police officers are welcome to shop at Walmart.

The St. Cloud police department issued a statement on the Walmart incident announcing a formal complaint had been filed with Walmart.

In response to local inquiries concerning the allegation where an employee of Walmart refused to serve a St. Cloud Police Officer; a formal complaint has been filed with Walmart’s corporate office. The St. Cloud Police Department trusts that Wal Mart will handle the situation properly and professionally.

The St. Cloud Police Department is grateful for the support from our community. We encourage our citizens to come by the St. Cloud Police Department to pick up their free “back the blue” bumper sticker to show their support of law-enforcement instead of participating in community protests.”

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