New York Imam Gunned Down By ‘Tall Hispanic’ Man – Donald Trump Gets Blamed

New York imam Maulama Akonjee and Thara Uddin were shot in the back of the head Saturday as they left mosque.

Trump was blamed.

Police later released a sketch of the suspected killer – a tall Hispanic man wearing a dark blue shirt and shorts.

hispanic sketch

The Independent reported:

The attack happened in broad daylight shortly before 2pm, one block away from the mosque. Police said on Sunday the gunman remained at large.

Police say the man had dark hair and a medium complexion. He was was bearded and was wearing glasses at the time of the attack.

No motive for the killings has yet been established by investigators, but worshippers and community members in Queens said the killings were hate crimes…

…City Hall issued a statement: “While it is too early to tell what led to these murders, it is certain that the NYPD will stop at nothing to ensure justice is served.”

Another local said the rhetoric of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, was responsible for the attack. “That’s not what America is about,”  Khairul Islam, 33, told New York Daily News. “We blame Donald Trump for this… Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”

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