MUST SEE=> DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s Heart-Wrenching Plea to Wikileaks Now Set to Music

Last Wednesday Megyn Kelly interviewed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on his upcoming plans.

Kelly asked Assange when he will release his next batch of leaked documents on Hillary Clinton.

Megyn Kelly: But give us a general sense. Are we going to see it before the November 8th election?

Julian Assange: Yes, absolutely. In the case of the DNC we pushed as fast as we could…

Assange added: People have the right to know who it is they are electing.


** Assange promised Wikileaks had more documents on the Clinton Foundation to release in an interview two weeks ago.

This prompted DNC interim Chair Donna Brazile to cry foul this weekend on ABC’s ‘This Week.’ Brazile told Martha Raddatz the Democrats are victims of a cyber crime — because all of their corrupt secrets are being released by Wikileaks.

Now Demarcus Owens has set Brazile’s sad interview to music.

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