Muslim Crowd Raises Fists and Cheers Proud Murderer of Scottish Shop Owner (Video)

Muslim shopkeeper Mr. Shah posted Easter greetings to Christians on Facebook in March.
Hours later Mr. Shah was stabbed to death by Islamists.
mr shah death

British Muslims later gloated online over the murder of Mr. Shah.

In April a Muslim taxi driver admitted to killing Mr. Shah.
Tanveer Ahmed said he murdered Asad Shah for “disrespecting the prophet Mohammad.”
muslim killer uk
This is Tanveer Ahmed, 32, the Uber driver who has admitted killing Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah for ‘disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad.’ (Daily Mail)


This week Ahmed was sentenced to 27 years in prison.
Outside the courthouse his family and supporters raised their fist shouting praises to Allah.

One Muslim confronted a reporter who questioned the celebration.

Counter Jihad reported:

Reinforcement of bad behavior is harmful to a society, especially when it involves violence. Such is the case with Tanveer Ahmed. Ahmed, the Muslim that journeyed from Yorkshire to Glasgow and murdered an Ahmadi Muslim back in March because he allegedly “disrespected the Prophet Muhammad,” faces at least twenty-seven years in prison. Upon leaving the court not only did Ahmed defiantly lift his fist and yell, “Praise for the Prophet Muhammad, there is only one Prophet[,]” but also about twenty of his sympathizers allegedly celebrated with him “by raising their arms and repeating the phrase.”

Further proof of Muslim approval of these types of retaliations against ‘insults’ to Islam, the UK’s Express reports, “In a statement released through his lawyer after the killing, Ahmed said: ‘If I had not done this others would have and there would be more killings and violence in the world.’” It sounds like Ahmed thinks of himself as a hero because he allegedly saved the lives of others by committing this barbaric act. The worst part is that Ahmed might have been right about other Muslims stepping in to commit that atrocious act. We have already seen from an April ICM Unlimited survey how 24% of Muslims in Britain surveyed sympathize with “violence organised by groups to protect their own religion.” In addition, Ahmed’s logic is similar to politicians in the West that stifle acts deemed offensive to Islam in order to avoid potential Muslim backlash.

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