Milwaukee Rioter Who Brags On Video About Looting White-Owned Businesses — Is a Hillary Supporter

Milwaukee residents rioted and looted businesses this past weekend after a black criminal waving a stolen gun was shot dead by a black police officer.

The rioters targeted police, police cars and “white owned” businesses.
black power milwaukee
A police car was set ablaze on Saturday night.

One of the rioters, Jayrome Williams, bragged about looting white-owned businesses on Twitter.
Jayrome is a Hillary supporter.

Via Vessel News:

Rioter Jayrome Williams brgged about looting “white-owned” businesses on Twitter.

He brought his sister with him to loot the businesses.
jayrome sister

A few hours later he posted video of his stolen cash.
jayrome cash

Jayrome is a Hillary Supporter — He has a #ImWithHer hashtag in his biography.
im with her thug

What a surprise!

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