Livestream Reporter Pulls Out of Milwaukee- Due to Racial Tension, “It’s Too Dangerous for White People” (VIDEO)

Livestream reporter Tim Pool announced today he is pulling out of Milwaukee.

Tim no longer feels safe in the city and due to the numerous threats against white people he will no longer be covering the riots moving forward.
tim pool

Violent Milwaukee protesters have been targeting white-owned businesses, whites in cars, white reporters, and police since black criminal Sylville Smith was shot by a black policeman on Saturday.

fire milwaukee
A police car goes up in flames in Milwaukee on Saturday night.

Pool announced he will not be covering the protests moving forward.

Things started getting really tense when the protesters started chanting, “Kill white people!… And after hearing it was a white kid who got shot I think that for those who are perceivably white it is just not safe. “

It is too dangerous.

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