Live Stream Video=> Donald Trump Economic Policy Speech in Detroit, Michigan

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump will deliver his economic policy speech today in Detroit, Michigan.
The speech is scheduled for 12:15 PM Eastern.


Trump will share his plan to reverse the slow-growth Obama economy. reported:


In what is expected to be a reset of a campaign that has stumbled through controversies since the Republican National Convention, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will lay out his vision for the nation’s economy before the Detroit Economic Club at noon today.

While the New York businessman has offered a few hints about his economic plan in previous speeches and on his website, today’s speech is designed to expand upon those proposals and reassure nervous Republicans that Trump can stay on message in the area where he has a leg up on Democratic presidential candidate — handling the nation’s economy.

According to an outline of the speech seen by the Free Press, Trump will say that his plan will reverse the slow growth-low jobs recovery from the recession that plagued the country in the last decade.

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