Lifelong Democrats Are Breaking With Their Party to Support Trump: Meet The Trumpocrats (VIDEO)

Trumpocrats FNC

Tens of thousands of Democrats don’t like Hillary Clinton or just don’t believe she’ll provide the changes America needs right now.
Many of them are breaking with the Democratic Party to support Trump.

We recently covered this phenomenon at American Lookout:

One of the keys to the success of Donald Trump is his wide appeal. He has appealed to Republicans, independents and even many Democrats. Now, there’s even a PAC for Trump Democrats called the Trumpocrats.

From their website:

Trumpocrats are Americans first — we come from every political party, or no party at all, and every walk of life, all across this country. We are Democrats, Independents, Republicans. We are teachers, technicians, cops, and coal miners. We are workers. We are your neighbors, and we support Donald Trump because we believe he will make this country strong again.

We are disillusioned with the rigged political and economic system that has left millions of Americans behind. We want good jobs again and we want our dignity back. We want to work hard, support our families, and live our lives.

Donald Trump is the anti-politician and the only candidate that can bring real change to Washington. He will keep us safe, bring back good jobs, and renegotiate bad trade deals.

Donald Trump will take on the status quo and political establishment – and take down Hillary Clinton. Join the American Uprising now and make your voices heard.

FOX News did a report on the group today:

As mentioned in the video, Trump did give a shout out to the Trumpocrats on Twitter last night:


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