Liberal Reporter: Talking About Hillary’s Health Issues Is Sexist (VIDEO)

Christina Bellantoni, the Assistant Managing Editor, Politics of the Los Angeles Times, told Media Buzz on Sunday that questioning Hillary Clinton’s health issues is sexist.

hillary helped
Hillary’s health has made the news lately.

Media Buzz ran a segment on Hillary Clinton’s health concerns citing The Drudge Report,, Sean Hannity and The Gateway Pundit.


Media Buzz included this video of Hillary’s bizarre behavior:

Christina said these reports are not allowed because Hillary Clinton is a woman.

Christina: I think it’s dangerous to diagnose anyone from a photograph or a piece of video or even what they are saying. Right? I am pregnant, four months into it, I haven’t told anybody. You really don’t know what’s going on with somebody’s health… You know, this is where it’s just dangerous. Yes, medical records are helpful but particularly when you have a female candidate these issues are not what we should be talking about.

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