ISIS Tosses Four More Gay Men from Top of Mosul Building

ISIS hurled several gay men from the op of Mosul’s tallest building recently.
isis gays mosul

Of course, the kids were brought out to witness the gory execution. reported, via Religion of Peace:


Four men were thrown to their deaths after being found guilty of homosexuality and sodomy on Saturday in the Nineveh province in Iraq.

Two of the men were allegedly part of the ISIS organisation.

The men were thrown from the top floor of a former insurance company’s offices in Mosul. The location is apparently used often for such executions.

A local source told that

“ISIS members executed four people, including two of its own members, on charges of homosexuality and sodomy.

“The execution was carried out by throwing the men from the top of a former insurance company building.

“The execution was carried out in dour al-Toub area in central Mosul. Later, the outfit transferred the bodies and threw them at Al-Khasfah hole, situated to the west of Mosul”.

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