Hillary Clinton’s Massive Weight Gain Ignored By NY Times in Report on Candidates’ Health

The New York Times published an article Tuesday on the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that failed to mention Clinton’s massive weight gain on the campaign trail.

However, the article, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Ages 68 and 70, Share Few Health Details, includes speculation about Trump gaining weight. The Trump campaign disputed the claim.

“Trump campaign advisers said Mr. Trump had no plans to grant interviews about his health, insisting that his age was not an issue. They said he was in good shape, disputing the opinion of some friends of Mr. Trump that he has gained weight recently…”


The Times article is illustrated with photos taken this month of each candidate. In the photo of Clinton she is wearing a loose fitting jacket that hangs over her burgeoning belly with venting at the hips.


In contrast, when Clinton announced her candidacy just a little over a year ago on June 13, 2015, she was much trimmer and wore a form-fitted outfit as seen in this photo.

Hillary Clinton Roosevelt Island Defense One
Image source: Defense One.

Other recent photos show that Clinton has largely forsaken fitted clothing for loose-fitting tops and slacks, or is wearing figure-hiding housecoat-style outfits as these photos at campaign events in Massachusetts from last weekend show.

hillary august fundraiser sick

Clinton was five feet, five inches tall in 2008 according to a statement by her campaign to the Washington Post’s Jay Matthews back then. Clinton’s campaign declined to answer the Post’s height inquiry this campaign cycle.

“When the then-senator first ran for president in 2008, she was only 5-foot-5. I got this official height report from the Clinton campaign…

“…Silent on the topic, however, is the Clinton 2016 campaign operation, which appears not to have shared her height recently with any reporters; nor did it respond to my queries.”

Back in December, the AP ran a gushing article on Clinton’s “significant weight loss” on the campaign trail.

“Since launching her 2016 bid in April, Clinton has embarked on a diet and fitness regimen, hoping to stave off the pounds that afflict most every White House hopeful amid the near-sleepless nights and temptation of nonstop snacking during a campaign.

“Among supporters, her significant weight-loss – along with a style makeover – are subjects of constant chatter…”

Hillary Clinton Kimmel 08222016

Clinton’s appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Monday night featured her joking about her health, but no comments on her massive weight gain as evidenced in this screen image.

hillary dinner pudgy

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