Hillary Clinton’s Lead Shrinks to 1 Point in Latest USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll

Hillary Clinton’s lead is down to 1 point in the latest USC Dornsife- LA Times poll released on Friday.

The Hillary “bounce” from the media manufactured “unity” convention in Philadelphia has completely been erased.

Hillary is ahead by only one point despite the complete support from every media outlet except for FOX Business Network and her supporters in the tech world.


usc poll

From the poll: This chart tracks our best estimate, over time, of how America plans to vote in November

The final blue and red figures on the right side of the chart represent our most recent estimates of Hillary Clinton’s vote (blue squares) and Donald Trump’s (red diamonds). These estimates represent weighted averages of all responses in the prior week. The gray band is a “95-percent confidence interval”. Figures lying outside the gray band mean that we are at least 95% confident that the candidate with the highest percentage will win the popular vote.

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