GOP FAIL: Donald Trump Not Listed on Minnesota Ballot

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Just days after his supporters and motorcade were attacked by protesters in Minneapolis at a GOP fundraiser, the Minnesota Republican party has not submitted the names of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his vice presidential nominee Mike Pence to the secretary of state’s office for the November election, it was reported Wednesday night.

A check of the sample ballot listed at the website for the Minnesota secretary of state shows the tickets of Democrat Farm-Labor Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Jill Stein, anti-Trumper Evan McMullin and others with Socialist, Marijuana and other parties–but no Donald Trump.

A check of the filing status of federal candidates at the secretary of state website again shows no Donald Trump.

According to the same page, Trump, as a major party candidate, has until August 29 to file.

The failure of the Minnesota GOP to put Trump on the ballot was noted by Medium’s Michale Brodkorb who posted about it on Twitter with a question to Secretary of State Steve Simon.

“Question to @MNSteveSimon -> Why is Donald Trump not listed on the sample ballot available on the SOS website?”

“So, @MNSteveSimon website’s provides a great way to get info on candidates – but Trump isn’t listed, because #MNGOP hasn’t filed info. Wow.”

“UPDATE: A top #mngop official was completely unaware paperwork had not been submitted to SOS to ensure Trump’s name was on the ballot in MN.”

“UPDATE: #MNGOP leadership in meeting NOW to certify presidential electors (elected in May). SOS will be sent Trump info likely tomorrow.”

“UPDATE: Total confusion among #MNGOP officials on process for Trump being on MN ballot – absolutely possible they could’ve missed deadline.”

Brodkorb felt obliged to defend himself from those upset he might have saved Trump’s place on the ballot.

“To those upset that I may have helped ensure Trump is on MN ballot, remember I did save ducklings from a sewer ->”

Brodkorb added some updates:

“UPDATE: The #MNGOP failed to elect alternate presidential electors – so the state exec committee did it tonight – without clear authority.”

“So after electing the alternate electors tonight, the #MNGOP will submit Trump/Pence names to SOS office for placement on MN ballot.”

“No procedure for #MNGOP state exec to elect/appoint national electors – problem now for #MNGOP in sending Trump’s name to SOS for ballot.”

“The cleanest way for #MNGOP to solve mess is to call state convention to elect alternate national delegates – but they can’t, no time.”

“Again: Process for Trump to be on MN ballot. #MNGOP didn’t officially elect alternate electors – trouble ahead? Yep.”

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