Too Funny! 4Chan User Live Blogs Hillary’s KKK Speech from Balcony

OMG! So funny!
Hillary delivered a speech today on the KKK, racism and the mysterious Alt-Right movement in Reno, Nevada.

This speech comes after Hillary Clinton accepted $20,000 from the KKK this year.
You just can’t make this up!
hillary kkk

** Here is the establishment media’s guide to the Alt-Right.


800 people turned out which was a very large crowd for Hillary Clinton.
–Including Twitter and 4Chan user Sean Lewandowski.

Sean live-blogged Hillary’s KKK speech.
Until he yelled “Pepe!” and was escorted out.
We Are Change reported, via Cernovich:

As Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno attempting to smear the millions of people who support her opponent Donald Trump as racist monsters — 4chan was in the building to gloriously troll the low-energy event.

Shortly before the toxic speech began, an anonymous user posted to the messageboard with a photo of a rare Pepe held up with the crowd in the background.

Here are the 4Chan users urging Sean to yell “Pepe!”
4chan hillary

And then it happened.

Read the rest here.

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