DOCUMENTED PROOF: Clinton Camp Caught Breaking Federal Law – Coordinating with Hillary Super PAC

Documented proof that the Clinton campaign is coordinating with its Super PACs, including Correct the Record, in direct violation of Federal law—

Trump was mean to a Muslim lawyer who defends Sharia law.
Meanwhile — Hillary Clinton is caught breaking the law again.
Guess who gets the headlines?

This was posted at Reddit on Wednesday and shared with The Gateway Pundit last night.
Hat Tip Steve


This starts with a Hillary Clinton National Committee member by the name of Allida Mae Black!

Hillary PAC 1

Hillary PAC 2Hillary PAC 3Hillary PAC 4

Hillary PAC 5a

In Summary:

  1. Allida Mae Black is on the Hillary for America Finance Council (she is a ‘Hillblazer’)
  2. She is also a Board Member of the Super PAC ‘Priorities USA Action’
  3. She is cofounder of the Super PAC ‘Ready for Hillary’
  4. She has organized and held fundraising events for Clinton’s Campaign at her home
  5. On March 4th, 2016, Allida Mae Black was onsite at Hillary for America’s Headquarters for a Finance Council Meeting

All this shows proof that the Clinton Campaign is working directly with the Super PAC’s Priorities USA Action and Correct the Record in Direct Violation with Federal Law!



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