Confirmed=> “Military Mom” Protester Who Confronted Pence was Hillary Plant

We all know from the Wikileaks DNC email documents that Hillary Clinton and Democrats planned anti-Trump protests.

In multiple emails, DNC officials signed off on and acknowledged the existence of two anti-Donald Trump protests in South Bend, IN and Billings, Montana. Democrats always plot, plan and finance so-called “grassroots” protests on the left.

On Tuesday Catherine Byrne infiltrated the Mike Pence rally in Carson City, Nevada.

Byrne, whose son is in the Air Force, demanded that Mike Pence denounce running mate Donald Trump for ridiculing Sharia supporting Gold Star dad Khizr Khan.

It took all of two minutes to discover Catherine Byrne from Carson City, Nevada is a Hillary supporting Democrat activist.
She is NOT just some concerned military mom.

Catherine posted on her support for Hillary Clinton on facebook.
hillary byrnes facebook

And her Twitter page is littered with support for the terrorist group Black Lives Matter and Hillary Clinton.

Of course, the liberal media will not report on this.
They never do.

Catherine Byrne loves her some Hillary Clinton.

Byrne also was against Bernie Sanders.

If you think Byrne’s grandstanding at the Pence rally was just a coincidence you don’t understand Democrat politics.

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