Confirmed: Clinton Camp Debate Prep Includes Discussion on Size of Trump’s Hands (VIDEO)

trump hands

The Clinton campaign is looking at ways to unnerve Donald Trump during the upcoming debates. They believe Marco Rubio’s attacks on Trump’s hands was effective and they may look at similar attacks. Mike Emanuel at FOX News reported:

Mike Emanuel: FOX has confirmed from a Democratic source outside the Clinton campaign that the Clinton team is seeking insight into Donald Trump’s deepest insecurities looking for a way to get under his skin and to fluster him in the first presidential debate. Our Democratic source notes that when Marco Rubio during the primary talked about the size of Donald Trump’s hands that it flustered Donald Trump taking him off his game while comments like bankruptcy and other financial matters he will be better prepared to answer. Our source indicates the Clintons have 25 researchers looking into four decades of Trump’s background.

More gutter politics from the Clintons.
Good grief.

Via Happening Now:

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