CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> 5-8 Somali Muslims BEAT and STOMP 13 Year-Old Boy in Denmark

You’re going to love the new Europe!
Five to eight Somali Muslims beat and stomped a thirteen year-old boy in Denmark.
somalis beat kid

The video was later posted on Facebook.

The boy’s father Brian Anker said he had enough after watching video of the assault on his son.
Fria Tider reported:

Brian Anker of Fredericia in Denmark said he had enough then a film spread in social media where his own son were assaulted and beaten by several Somalis.

“My patience is over,” he wrote on Facebook.

It is one of Denmark’s currently most viral videos. The film shows how five unprovoked Somalis jump on and beat up 13-year-old Noah at a railway station in Fredericia in Jutland, Denmark.

All of the Somalis laugh and cheer while others beat the boy and film it with their mobile cameras.

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