Calais Jungle Migrants Threaten Truck Driver with Chainsaw

chainsaw calais

Calais migrants in France threatened a truck driver this week with a chainsaw as he attempted to make his way through rioting migrant mob. reported, via Religion of Peace:

A TERRIFIED Britain-bound lorry driver has been threatened by a migrant wielding a CHAINSAW on another night of horrific violence in Calais.

The trucker was confronted by an asylum seeker brandishing the lethal weapon as he attempted to make his way through packs of rioting migrants to the port.

Haulage industry bosses today begged new Prime Minister Theresa May to take tougher action on migrant violence in Calais, warning: “There will be deaths.”

The bone-chilling incident occurred last night when rioting gangs of migrants from the nearby Jungle camp unleashed a second night of terror and violence on the lawless port town.

Numbers in the crime-ridden camp, which is run by people smuggling gang lords, have swelled to more than 7,000 in recent months as more and more asylum seekers congregate in an attempt to reach Britain.

The Belgian lorry driver was heading along the main road towards the port when he was confronted by a pack of migrants who had formed a barricade across the motorway and set fire to it to force him to stop.

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