Boom! O’Reilly GOES OFF on Glenn Beck’s Can of Crazy: ‘YOU Might End Up in Jail if You Keep Saying this Stuff!’ (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck brought a trash can full of crazy with him on The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday night.

beck can of crazy oreilly

After Glenn continued to go off on Donald Trump and his staff with all kinds of crazy O’Reilly went off.

Glenn Beck: Did you see who he just made CEO of his campaign? One of the dirtiest nastiest human beings alive.

Bill O’Reilly: But he needs somebody to go up against Podesta and Media Matters and George Soros. Come on, you know the other side.

Beck: I do know the other side but the problem is you have tape of Donald Trump saying, “Don’t worry about George Soros. He’s a very nice guy.”

O’Reilly: You saw us last night on George Soros… He’s a real, real bad ombre and since he’s given so much money $13 million to Democrats this cycle we’re waiting on comment.

Beck: Look, we know he’s a bad guy. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know he’s a bad guy. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to recognize bad guys. He’s got Paul Manafort, may end up in jail…

O’Reilly: You’re believing all the hype that is out there. But you don’t know that. Come on Beck. You’re throwing stuff against the wall. You don’t have any evidence to put the man in jail and you know you don’t.

Beck: I said he might end up in jail.

O’Reilly: YOU might end up in jail if you keep saying this stuff!

Beck: …Barack Obama was bad. Donald Trump has them chanting “put them in jail – put them in jail.”… This guy is a nightmare.

You’re a nightmare, crazy Glenn.

For the record—
Glenn Beck lied when he said Donald Trump defended Soros.
Here’s the video.

Glenn Beck lied when he said Donald Trump “took money” from Soros.

The Daily Beast said Trump “took money” from Soros, when in reality, it was a Soros hedge fund that invested money in a Trump property. In that way, I’m quite certain Donald Trump has “taken money” from me at some point by virtue of some 401k I participated in.

And Glenn Beck also said his business was growing by 25% which is questionable.

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