Ben Stein: Hillary Not Well, Looks Like My Mother Who Took Drugs For Lupus (VIDEO)

Actor, speech writer and author Ben Stein joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss the status of the presidential race.

hillary parade dying

Ben Stein: They say she’s so smart. Let’s see it on display… Even Mr. Nixon, my old boss and old pal, in the darkest days of watergate was taking press conferences, and I mean press conferences with hundreds of reporters. Why? What is she afraid of? That’s the question. She’s afraid of something. What’s she afraid of?

Steve Malzberg: What do you think of this health thing? We put up a picture earlier of her on Nantucket over the weekend at a fundraiser in a long coat and black pants. I mean, on Nantucket in August, Ben!

Ben Stein: Right. I think part of that is the story that she’s always wearing a bulletproof vest. That may have something to do with it. But I don’t think she looks well. When you see pictures of her face I hate to say this my poor dear mother had Lupus and she was taking powerful hydrocortisone and Mrs. Clinton looks to me like she’s taking hydrocortisone.

She’s not well.

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