Syrian Islamists Shoot Down Russian Chopper – Scream ‘Allahu Akar!’ and Jump on the Bodies (Video)

A Russian helicopter was shot down Monday after delivering aid to the Syrian city of Aleppo, killing all five people on board,

All five servicemen on board were killed in the clash.

Aljazeera reporters were the first ones on the scene.
They arrived as the downed chopper was still smoldering.
Via Vlad Tepes:
aljazeera chopper


** Gruesome video of the Islamists dragging the naked bodies on the dirt here.

The Aljazeera reporters were filmed smiling near the wreckage as the Islamists yelled, “Allahu Akbar!”

The Islamists dragged the bodies of the Russian servicemen on the dirt.
The Muslims jumped on bodies of the dead Russian soldiers.

John Kerry told the Russians to show restraint.

Now Russia wants to know how the Aljazeera reporters made it to the scene before anyone else?
Good question.

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