‘WAKE UP!’ Recap=> Milo Yiannopoulas, Pamela Geller & Geert Wilders take a stand for LGBT people at RNC (VIDEO)

Conservative champions Pamela Geller, Milo Yiannopoulos and Dutch Party for Reform leader Geert Wilders headlined the Gays for Trump party at the RNC in Cleveland. The event lasted from 10 PM until 1 AM on Tuesday and was sold out in 24 hours.

Security was tight.
geller wake up video

Pamela Geller speaks to the Gays for Trump crowd in Cleveland.
This was her first public speech since the Garland terrorist attack at her event in 2015.
gelle sharia gay party
Pamela Geller: “So you gotta love Trump… Because he gives the Islamists the middle finger!”


Pamela Geller and her team released a powerful video recap from the event.

This is a very powerful video—

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