Video: At Hillary Unity Rally – Clinton Goon Attacks Sign Waving Elderly Female Bernie Sanders Supporter

Video taken at Tuesday’s rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where Bernie Sanders endorsed rival Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination shows a Hillary Clinton goon in a suit attacking a petite, elderly woman who was waving a Bernie Sanders sign while Sanders was giving his endorsement speech.

The forty-five second video was posted Wednesday evening to Twitter by Sanders supporter @LiberalLaChick with the caption, “DNC Goons ripping signs out of Bernie supporters’ hands and then trying to look innocent.”

As Sanders speaks, two white women, a brunette wearing a white Sanders t-shirt and an older, grey haired woman waving a blue Sanders sign are seen. A muscular, bearded man in a suit steps between the women and tries to snatch the Sanders sign as the elderly woman holds it high over her head.

The woman pulls the Sanders sign away from the goon and tries to ward him off with her right hand. The goon makes a second failed attempt to take the Sanders sign as the woman swats his hand away again.

As the woman again holds the Sanders sign over her head the Hillary goon grabs the sign and tears a piece of it off as the woman holds firmly to the remainder of the sign.

The woman in the Sanders t-shirt then steps in between and acts as a human shield for her friend. The Hillary goon backs off and then tries to play it cool as he looks over his shoulder to see he is being filmed.

The video ends with the elderly woman still in possession of most of her Sanders sign.

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