VIDEO: Protesters Burn US, Israeli Flags Outside Democrat Convention

Protesters burned American flags outside the Democratic Party National Convention in Philadelphia Tuesday night.

Police rescued one of the burned American flags.

The American flag burnings were filmed by U.S. News reporter Steven Nelson and posted to Twitter.


The burning of the Israeli flag was captured by Byron Tau of the Wall Street Journal who said protesters chanted, Intifada!”

“American flags burned #DemsInPhilly”

“Protesters are burning an Israeli flag now in front of the secure perimeter and chanting “intifada””

“Melted remains of two(?) flags. Dragged by friendly anarcho-communist, who’s being urged to dump ASAP #demsinphilly”

“Melted American flag(s) dumped in street. Cops rush to pick up #demsinphilly”

“Activists stomp out flag #DemsInPhilly”

“Clarifying: I’m told two US flags and two Israeli flags burned a minute ago. Activist complains they were nylon, not cotton #DemsInPhilly”

“#FeelTheBern #demsindisarray #DemsInPhilly photogs being chased away”

“Out of American flags, leftists burn Bernie signs #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention”

“Cops aren’t stopping bonfire. Small US flag just burned #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention”

“Police inaction accomplishes same thing as charging into crowd (RNC): fire quickly burns out #DemsInPhilly”

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