TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN=> Compares Hillary, DNC to Jon Lovitz’s “The Liar” Character (VIDEO)

TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN ON HACKED EMAILS – Blasts Democrat Liars “These Are Bad People”

Donald Trump followed up on his comments from earlier today about Russia and Hillary’s hacked emails at his rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Trump accused Democrats of being “Bad, bad people. Incompetent people!”


He compared Hillary’s desperate campaign manager Robbie Mook to the famed Saturday Night Live liar Tommy Flanagan played by Jon Lovitz.
jon lovitz liar

What did I do? What did I do? Right? Trump! I wish I had that power. Man. that would be power. So he talks about Russia’s hacking. The only thing he didn’t say was what was on the emails was a horror. That’s what he didn’t say. What was on the emails was a horror. I was falling asleep. He’s a boring guy. And, he said Russia with the emails. It was probably China or somebody else. It might have been a 400 pound person sitting in bed. OK. It might be? Some of the greatest hackers of all time. But he said Russia. And then he said Trump. And it reminded me of one of the Jon Lovitz. Have you ever seen ‘The Liar’? Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live. “Yeah, yeah. I went to Harvard. Yeah, Harvard. That’s right.” This is like, “Yeah, Russia hacked. Yeah, it was Trump, Trump. I said, “Whoa!” Now these are lying bad people, folks. These are bad, bad people. These are bad, bad people. And they’re incompetent people. And we want to turn our country around.

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