Smell the Bern: Bernie Supporters Plan Fart-In at Democrat Convention

Guest post by Aleister at American Lookout

Feel Smell the Bern– Bernie Supporters Plan “Fart-In’ Protest at Democrat Convention–

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Feel the Bern has taken on a whole new meaning as Sanders supporters are planning to add a lot of hot air at the Democratic National Convention later this month.


The Hill reported:

Sanders delegates to hold ‘fart-in’ protest at convention

Bernie Sanders’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday isn’t stopping his supporters’ plans to hold a “fart-in” at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) later this month.

The unusual political strategy will have Sanders delegates consuming a lot of beans before heading to Philadelphia later this month, according to US News and World Report.

Protest organizer Cheri Honkala, national coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, has been stocking up on boxes of dry beans and canned beans.

The plan is for delegates to chow down, then let presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton smell what they think of her.

“The fart-in is to raise attention about things that really stink in our society,” said Dr. Walter Tsou, of the Philadelphia branch of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Honkala told US News and World Report that Tuesday’s endorsement will not stop the “fart-in,” — in face, she said, the number of people sending beans “will probably quadruple.”

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