Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘It’s a War on Cops’ …. It will be a Different Game when Trump is President (VIDEO)

Guest post by Joe Hoft

joe arpaio trump

Sheriff Joe Arpaio went on on FOX Business Network after five Dallas cops were murdered by a racist killer. Sheriff Joe shared the following about the difference between Obama and Donald Trump when it comes to law enforcement:

“Now everything seems to be racial. The President [Obama] laid the groundwork in 2009. When a white officer arrested a black professor and even at that time, way back then, he said that more Hispanics and Blacks are being arrested more than others and then he had to do a little summit drinking beer with those two people at the White House. But I think that set the tone about our President. He’s ah, by the way in Dallas, why is it maybe a hate crime. I call it a racial type crime. Why don’t they send the DOJ Civil Rights down there right away like they do on other situations and do a big investigation on the racial component of this investigation? …I have said for years this is a war on cops… Believe me, it will be a different game when he [Trump] becomes President.”

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