Arizona #NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake – Supports Hillary’s VP Pick

Guest post by Joe Hoft

After consistent criticisms of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona tweeted yesterday his approval for Hillary Clinton’s newly announced Democrat Vice President Candidate Tim Kaine.

Flake calls Kaine “a good man and good friend”.


Jeff Flake Tweet


Flake on the other hand is a vocal critic of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and has urged Republicans to withhold their endorsements of Trump. Flake has also shared with the press that Trump cannot win the election even though Trump won 37 states and more than 125% of the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.

Trump also earned more than 14 million votes in the primaries beating the former Republican record set by George W. Bush by more than 2 million votes. Trump did this running against a record number of bona fide competitors (16) in the election which was more than any major party in history.

Flake is not only foolish, he is aiding and abetting the wrong side!



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