Pouty Jeb Bush Blames Pope Francis for Trump (VIDEO)

What a sore loser.
Jeb! Bush went on MSNBC to trash Donald Trump yesterday.

Jeb! also blamed Pope Francis for helping Trump with voters.

It’s the Pope’s fault for Donald Trump!
These elites just don’t get it…


Breitbart.com reported:

“I’m disappointed I didn’t break through,” Jeb Bush confessed during an interview with MSNBC Monday night. “This would have been an extraordinary time to serve as President. The country is desperately looking for leadership… I think it requires someone who is not always trying to win, but to solve problems.”

The former Florida governor reflected on his failed 2016 bid for the Oval Office, admitting disappointment, but also deflecting blame, saying “conservatism is temporarily dead,” and adding that “Donald Trump is barely a Republican – certainly not a conservative.”

When asked if he could have done something differently, Bush said he ultimately had to be himself, “If I had to be something different than I was, then I wouldn’t have run.”..

…Bush also went on to blame the Catholic Church, saying, “the Pope intervening in American politics didn’t help.”

“[The Pope] was talking about basically open borders at a time when the whole Trump phenomenon was to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. [The Pope] literally goes to the border for a massive mass,” Bush said. “I don’t think he should be intervening… I don’t think he understood he was intervening in our political affairs.”

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