Politico Reporter Begs Hillary Clinton to Hold Press Conference, Promises Questions About ‘Trump/Russia’

In a post to Twitter Wednesday, Politico reporter Hadas Gold begged Hillary Clinton to hold a press conference. Gold’s pleading message to Clinton, which included a promise to ask Donald Trump about Russia, reads like the DNC emails exposed by Wikileaks showing media collusion with the Democrats.

The press knows that Clinton is looking bad in comparison to Donald Trump by her not having held a formal press conference in nearly eight months–235 days is the reported number. Trump held yet another press conference Wednesday morning in which he went after Clinton for not holding press conferences.

Gold’s tone with Clinton is very friendly and non-confrontational–unlike how contemptuously journalists speak about Trump online.


“Hey HRC, do a presser. Take questions. Please. Sure – we’ll ask about your emails. but we’ll ask about Trump/Russia.”

A Politico reporter, Ken Vogel, was caught clearing a story with the DNC prior to publication with the release of the leaked emails by Wikileaks.

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