Philando Castile Child Abuse=> Video Surfaces of Castile and Girlfriend Smoking Pot Driving with Child in Car

Earlier this week the media reported that Philando Castile was shot while sitting in a vehicle after he told police he had a legal concealed carry permit and was reaching for his wallet.

Castile reportedly “reached for his wallet” and was shot dead in cold blood.

His girlfriend Lavish Reynolds made a video while he lay next to her dying of gunshot wounds.
car shooting minnesota


Apparently her story was filled with holes… The police officer says Castile, who was wanted for armed robbery, was reaching for his gun when he was shot.

Now there’s video of Lavish Reynolds and Philando Castile Smoking Drugs with Daughter in Car–

She posted the videos on Facebook. #PhilandoCastile #DiamondReynolds @greta @IngrahamAngle @AnnCoulter
#PhilandoCastile #DiamondReynolds @greta @IngrahamAngle @AnnCoulter

Here is one of the many, many videos on Lavish’s Facebook page where she and her oh so innocent boyfriend are smoking weed with the daughter in the car.

Lavish Reynolds Philando Castile Smoking Drugs with Daughter in Car–

Here’s another video.

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