Palestinians Stone Mourners at Funeral of Slain Terror Victim Rabbi Michael Mark

Rabbi Michael Mark was murdered in a drive-by terrorist shooting on Friday. Mark’s wife and two children were injured in the unprovoked terrorist attack in the South Hevron Hills.
rabbi michael mark
Rabbi Michael Mark was killed by Muslim terrorists on Friday.

This weekend Palestinians hurled a stone at mourners during his funeral procession.
Israel National News reported, via Religion of Peace:

No rest for the weary: as Rabbi Michael Mark’s body was being transported for burial, passing Arabs threw a stone at mourners.

Even as the funeral procession for Rabbi Michael Mark, terror victim, wound toward Jerusalem, locals would not leave them in peace: Arabs threw a stone from a passing car, striking one of the buses of mourners. Although no one was injured, it is clear that, at least among some, hatred is still rampant.

The attack on those escorting Rabbi Mark’s body is the latest in a recent rash of violence, as Ramadan comes to a close. Last Wednesday, an Arab teenager infiltrated the town of Kiryat Arba and stabbed a 13 year-old girl, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel. A security guard was also injured when he grappled with the terrorist, and was stabbed in the face. Although he will recover, doctors were unable to save his eye.

Similar attacks have taken place on the Temple Mount, with Arabs throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at visitors and police alike. When police closed the Mount to non-worshippers, several Muslim youths further upped the ante by throwing stones down into the Western Wall Plaza, injuring a woman in her 70s.

Other thwarted attacks these past weeks include an attempted car ramming, and an attempted stabbing of IDF soldiers. The car attack left two lightly injured; both terrorists were neutralized.

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