New York Post Editorial Board Says Donald Trump “Nailed It” in RNC Speech

Donald Trump RNC

Some of the usual haters in the liberal media were unimpressed with Donald Trump’s speech at the RNC last night but he clearly made an impression on the editors of the New York Post.

In fact, they say he nailed it:

Trump faced his biggest challenge yet — and he nailed it

Donald Trump had a big job to do Thursday night, but of course big jobs are what he does for a living — so it’s really no surprise that he got it done . . . beautifully.

The Republican nominee needed to not just act presidential, but be presidential — while still being himself.

He needed to keep every ounce of New York toughness and roughness he’d shown in the campaign to date, while also showing sensitivity and a sincere commitment to making life better for all Americans.

He needed to show a coherent policy vision recognizably his, that spoke to “his” voters, regular Republicans and all Americans.

And he did it in a speech characteristically Trump — wandering and emphatic, hard-hitting and a little chatty; blending policy and principle, anecdote and attack line, while speaking from the heart.

The Republican nominee, citing Orlando, vowed to protect LGBTQ citizens and got cheered by the convention hall.

He talked tough on law and order — while vowing to ask himself, with every action he takes, “Does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson who have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child in America?”

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There will be more political analysis of Trump’s speech in the coming days but he clearly made a positive impact on many people, even some in the overwhelmingly liberal American media.

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