New Trump Instagram Video Uses Obama’s Words to Brutally Undercut Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Andrews Benghazi

A video posted to Instagram Tuesday afternoon by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump uses excerpts of remarks by then-candidate President Barack Obama on leadership qualities interspersed with clips of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s record on Benghazi and State Department emails to undercut Clinton’s qualifications to be president.

Trump captioned the video, “Crooked Hillary is a corrupt, lying and unethical person that time and time again, places America in grave danger! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain”

Candidate Obama, responding to Clinton’s ‘3 a.m. phone call‘ ad is shown saying, “Here’s the important thing about that 3 a.m. phone call. What you want is somebody who’s first of all gonna get all the facts and gather up good intelligence.”


Clinton is then seen speaking at the ceremony marking the return of the bodies of the four American killed in the Benghazi terror attack in which Clinton blames an Internet video for the attack.

Clinton, “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American Embassies over an awful Internet video.”

Obama, “The second thing you want is somebody who is able to uh, analyze the situation–the cost and benefits of action.”

A scene from the Benghazi attack is shown, then a Benghazi whistleblower Kris Paranto is seen speaking about being told to stand down.

Whistle blower, “We were told to wait, stand, and stand down. We were delayed three times.”

Obama, “The most important thing that you need is somebody who is gonna exercise good judgment.”

A NY Post cover featuring Clinton is then shown with the headline, “Deleter of the Free World.”

Clinton is then seen in an interview speaking about her State Department email scandal.

Clinton, “I should’ve used two accounts–one for personal, one for uh, work related emails. Uh, that was a mistake.”

The Instagram video closes with the sound of Clinton’s cackling laughter over a black screen with the all-capitalized white-lettered message “Don’t get fooled again!” that then transitions to the Trump ‘Make America Great Again!’ logo.

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