New Billboards Slam Speaker Paul Ryan on Immigration and Jobs in Wisconsin

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The latest anti-Ryan billboard running in Wisconsin reads: “Paul Ryan Wants To Bring In Six Foreign Workers For Every One Wisconsin Worker. Why Does Paul Ryan Think American Workers Aren’t Good Enough?”

Conservative Paul Nehlen is running more billboards in Wisconsin attacking pro-amnesty Speaker Paul Ryan.
Liberty News reported, via Free Republic:

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen has launched his latest billboard ad attacking House Speaker Paul Ryan’s open borders immigration agenda.

Reminiscent of the successful billboard campaign of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP), Nehlen’s billboard reads: “Paul Ryan Wants To Bring In Six Foreign Workers For Every One Wisconsin Worker. Why Does Paul Ryan Think American Workers Aren’t Good Enough?”

This billboard will be featured in Kenosha and Burlington, Wisconsin.

This new ad follows a billboard Nehlen’s campaign launched last week targeting Ryan’s support for increased Islamic migration, which is on display in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

“My team and I are hearing the impact of the billboard on voters at the doors. There are more billboards to come. We raised over $30,000 on the first billboard,” Nehlen told Breitbart. “This goes to show the decades of Paul Ryan operating the levers of big government are over.”

Paul Ryan has a two-decade history of working to expand the number of foreign workers entering the country to compete for U.S. jobs and drive down American wages.

Just last year, Ryan’s omnibus spending bill resuscitated and expanded a controversial provision of the Schumer-Rubio Gang of Eight plan to increase the H-2B foreign worker program.

Ryan’s plan quadrupled the number of H-2B foreign worker visas—a measure, which was in direct violation of Ryan’s pledge not bring up major immigration legislation as House Speaker while President Obama was still in office.

Immigration attorney Ian Smith noted that Ryan’s low-skilled guest worker expansion would disproportionately “hurt America’s most vulnerable workers” such as black workers, single women, the elderly, and first-generation immigrants.

Nehlen started running these billboards against Ryan in Janesville last week.
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