#NeverTrumpers Stage Final Coup d’état and Lose… Again

Guest post by Joe Hoft

trump cruz cheating

The drama at yesterday’s Republican National Convention (RNC) is hopefully over but with the #NeverTrumpers you never know. The mainstream media made it sound like it was a major coup but in reality it was the same group of #NeverTrumpers and Cruz supporters all over again.  Delegates from 11 states were apparently ready to and called for a vote related to convention rules.

The two sides ended up shouting at each other “on national television after party leadership blocked a roll call vote on the convention rules, which virtually guarantee Trump the party nomination by requiring delegates to vote in accordance with their state’s primary or caucus results. Trump critics were unlikely to be able to vote down the rules — and even less likely to achieve their ultimate goal of replacing the rules with ones that “unbound” pledged delegates.”


When looking into the ruckus it was the same group of instigators that attempted to steal the election from Trump months ago at various caucuses around the country. Ted Cruz only won 4 primaries to Trump’s 33 but this has not stopped this group of egomaniacs to try and steal the election from all Republicans and Trump.

Cruz did win 6 caucus states and 5 of these states (Iowa, Alaska, Maine, Wyoming and Utah) were in the 11 states allegedly having a majority of delegates that wanted to overthrow the convention and change the rule and take the popular vote from Trump.

Candidates from 2 other caucus states (Colorado and North Dakota) where Cruz attempted to steal all the delegates away from Trump were part of the 11 states in the coup. Trump called these 2 states ‘rigged’ after Cruz shenanigans and a majority of the delegates from these 2 states later reportedly supported Trump.

The remaining state delegates in the coup were from another caucus state Minnesota (won by Rubio), and the District of Columbia (won by Rubio as well – his only 2 wins), and 2 primary states won by Trump (Virginia and Washington).

In total 9 of the states listed as supposedly wanting changes to the party rules yesterday were from caucus states where Cruz either won or was accused of stealing delegates through a ‘rigged system’ or were the Rubio caucus state Minnesota and convention entity the District of Columbia.

These delegates at the end of the day called the system ‘crooked’ even though they were clearly again in the minority.

It was again the same group that has tried to steal the election from the majority (39 states were against the change). The tactics used against the #NeverTrumpers were the same techniques they used to stifle the popular vote and provide a representative delegation of the people for the convention.

At the end of the day it was determined that the #NeverTrumpers did not have the majorities in enough states to make the rule change like they claimed.

Hopefully we all now learn that caucus states should consider moving to primary elections and that when a Canadian has the gall to run for US President, he will never have the humility to step out of the race when beaten.

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