Muslim Migrant Screaming “It’s All Wrong!” Smashes Sacred Crucifix at Venice Church

The young man of North African origin damaged an ancient Christian artifact at St. Jeremiah church in Venice.
The Muslim man rushed into the church and threw the Crucifix to the floor.

The Muslim broke the arms off the crucifix.
Via Vlad Tepes:
crucifix relic

Il Giornale reported: (translated)

A young man of North African origin likely entered the church of St. Jeremiah and has heavily damaged the religious artifact. It was stopped by the caretaker and some faithful.

“It’s wrong. It’s all wrong,” he kept repeating the young Muslims that this morning has created havoc in the church of St. Jeremiah , in Cannaregio, Venice (the same one that houses the relics of Saint Lucia).

The church caretaker explained what happened.

I asked him to explain what he meant by ‘wrong’, I could not understand – said the caretaker -. And he approached the crucified – a work of 1700 – and began to shake violently. Then I asked him: ‘ you Muslim? ‘. he answered yes and started to give the sacred image thrusts. he wanted to hurl it to the ground at all costs. ” In the end, the crucifix fell to the ground before the keeper could stop the man:

Local news reported on the incident.
(In Italian)

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