MSNBC Warns Viewers Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons At RNC (VIDEO)

MSNBC Hillary Buttons

Here’s a sample of what passes for journalism in MSNCB’s coverage of the Republican convention. Rachel Maddow actually warned her sensitive snowflake viewers before showing them anti-Hillary buttons for sale at the event.

NewsBusters reports:

MSNBC Warns Sensitive Viewers Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons

Warning, sensitive MSNBC viewers may want to look away. That’s essentially what Rachel Maddow told liberal watchers on Wednesday night before showing a picture of anti-Hillary Clinton buttons at the Republican convention. Considering the hateful rhetoric that’s come out of MSNBC for years, perhaps that viewer warning should have appeared in the past.

The buttons included ones that read “Hillary for prison” and “Vote no to Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in 2016.” Maddow informed viewers, “You may find it uncomfortable. And so, you may not want to look at this stuff. But these are some of the pins that are being sold at the venue.”

Watch the video:


This might seem like a trivial moment but it speaks to a larger issue.

People who need warnings or feel the need to offer warnings before seeing political buttons have no business defending a nation from terrorism.


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