Milo Yiannopoulos: 50% of Gays Will Vote for Donald Trump After Orlando Islamist Massacre (VIDEO)

This weekend Milo Yiannopoulos joined the Russia Today Network to talk about Donald Trump, globalists, guns and the threat of Islam to gay people everywhere.

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Milo declared Donald Trump the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history.

Yiannopoulos predicted that 50% of gays will vote for Donald Trump in this year’s election. reported:


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on Russia Today to discuss presidential nominee Donald Trump, the conservative change in the gay community following the Orlando shooting and why Islam is a danger to gay people everywhere.

“What’s interesting about Trump is the message that he has against political correctness which has been such a cancer infecting the political left, should be a message that homosexuals are receptive to, after all the best thing about gay culture is the dissidence, the subversion the mischief, and when you couple that with what happened in Orlando recently and the lefts total failure to stick up for gay people and instead its insistence on pandering to radical Islam, you see quite obviously why gay people, who I think are natural libertarians, are graduating towards Trump.

“I’m seeing hundreds of people emailing me and tweeting me and all the rest of it, I have a reasonably good idea of what gay people are thinking about as I now have a big enough audience that I can judge how many people are feeling a particular way and I’m seeing a huge change among gays, and it should be worrying for the left, a huge change among gays who are sort of voting grudgingly for Trump.”

When questioned on Donald Trump’s stance on gay marriage, Milo offered a resolute defence of Trump’s stance on gays.

“Donald Trump is probably the most pro gay presidential candidate in history, he’s definitely the most pro gay republican candidate in history, so if you’re someone that believes in a small state and freedom but you’ve been put off sometimes by the social attitudes of old style republicans, Donald Trump is for you”

“He was defending gay people against the Clintons twenty years ago. Hillary Clinton will do nothing for gays and the gays who are ‘Im with her’ kind of homosexuals, are dumb as sticks. They are really stupid people, this is a candidate who has done nothing for blacks, though blacks always vote for her, nothing for gays, although gays always vote for her. These people are dumb and they’ve been brainwashed by the left.”

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