Milo and Ann Coulter: If Trump Loses It Could Mean the End of the GOP (VIDEO)

In preview of this week’s episode of the Milo Yiannopoulos Show featuring Ann Coulter, Ann explains what will happen to #NeverTrumpers and elites if they do manage to derail their own party’s candidate.

ann coulter milo

Ann Coulter: The Washington crowd, but the mistake they’re making is, the idea that they think there is going to be a functioning Republican Party if they take Trump down, because if Trump loses there is one group of people who are going to be blamed. And that is the establishment Republicans, the #NeverTrump crowd.

Milo: That’s half of the Republican Party gone. They will never vote for Republicans again.

Ann: They will never get that Trump vote. It is the end of the Republican Party and I think it’s the end of the country anyway if Hillary gets elected. You have Paul Ryan as the Speaker. You have Hillary pushing amnesty. Right now presidential elections are decided by a few million votes. They’re going to have 30 million new voters.

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