CLINTON DELEGATE From Tennessee Tossed Out of Convention for ASSAULTING Female Sanders Delegate

A male Tennessee delegate for Hillary Clinton was thrown out of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday for assaulting a female Tennessee delegate over her vocal support for Bernie Sanders on Monday.

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Jerry Ogle assaulted a female Bernie supporter.

News of the assault and subsequent ejection was reported by The Tennessean:

A Tennessee delegate has had his credential and duties rescinded and no longer has a seat at the Democratic National Convention after an altercation on Monday with a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Jerry Ogle, a Clinton delegate from Monroe County, was removed from Tennessee’s delegation Tuesday morning after it was determined that he violated the party’s code of conduct agreement when he had an inappropriate interaction with Amanda Kruel, a Sanders delegate.

“Yesterday I was cheering for Bernie as many others were and there was a guy behind me who was making faces at me. There was one point where he grabbed me by the shoulder and he twisted me around and yelled in my face ‘Act like a Democrat,” Kruel, who is from Knoxville, said while describing Ogle’s actions as “assault.”

Kruel said Ogle was angry because she was supporting Sanders. “I told him don’t you care about freedom of speech – I’m just trying to be a Democrat,” she said Tuesday afternoon. “People are interrupting speeches to yell when they hear Hillary. Why is it wrong to interrupt speeches and yell when they hear Bernie?”

The incident in question occurred Monday shortly after the convention officially convened at 4:30 p.m.

Read the complete report at The Tennessean at this link.

Two weeks ago at a rally in New Hampshire where Sanders endorsed Clinton, a male Clinton goon was videotaped repeatedly trying to rip a Sander sign from an elderly woman’s hands.

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