Lyin’ Ted Cruz Doubles Down, Tells Delegates “I Will Not Be Servile Puppy Dog to Trump Campaign”

Lyin’ Ted Cruz doubled down this morning on his repulsive career-ending speech at the RNC.

Cruz told the Texas delegation, “I will not be servile puppy dog to Trump campaign.”

NPR reported, via Free Republic:


Less than 12 hours after he was booed for not endorsing GOP nominee Donald Trump during his late-night speech before the Republican National Convention, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wasn’t backing down.

At an emotional event with the Texas RNC delegation Thursday morning, Cruz defended his decision to withhold his endorsement at a time when Republicans are trying to rally around their nominee ahead of the general election.

Sen. Ted Cruz leaves the stage after speaking during the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.

“I am doing what millions of Americans are doing. I am watching and I am listening. The standard that I apply is, which candidate do I trust to defend the Constitution?” said Cruz.

“I can tell you I am not voting for Hillary,” said Cruz, who also said he was “watching” other candidates…

…”I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family,” said Cruz, who added he would not be “a servile puppy dog” to the Trump campaign.

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