More Lies: Obama Says He Has No Idea Why Racist Anti-White Black Power Activist Killed 5 Cops in Dallas (VIDEO)

More lies.
Barack Obama told NATO reporters on Saturday he has NO IDEA why racist Black Power activist Micah Johnson gunned down five police officers at a Dallas Black Lives matter protest.

It has been widely reported that Micah Johnson told police he supported Black Lives Matter and he wanted to murder white people.

“He was upset about Black Lives Matter,” Chief Brown said. “He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

But Obama says he is completely blank on why Micah slaughtered 5 gots and wounded 7 more.

First of all, I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter.

What a crock of crap.

On Thursday, hours before the shooting, Obama condemned US police for shooting black men… even though whites are killed more often than blacks by US police.

Barack Obama is not an honest man.

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