Libs Accuse NY Times of Racism Over Dowd Calling Obama, ‘Barry’; Wage #PresidentObamaNotBarry Hashtag War

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The most liberal of mainstream newspapers, The New York Times, is being race-shamed by Obama sycophants for having the temerity to run a column by Maureen Down in which President Barack Obama is referred to by the name he used until he was a young adult: Barry.

I created #PresidentObamaNotBarry because a prominent white NYT columnist calling our first black POTUS “Barry” is profoundly disrespectful.

“Note to self: “Barry” is now a “trigger word” of “microagression” that sends libs running for their “safe space”. #PresidentObamaNotBarry”

Obama chose to change to exclusively using his formal first name, Barack, sometime in his college years as he adopted the persona that would decades later get him elected president.

Obama himself as president has employed a casualness in how he refers to himself when communicating with the public, sending out numerous fundraising emails with subject lines such as, “Hey” and signing them “Barack” rather than President Obama.

The offending Dowd passage occurs in Sunday’s column on the latest installment of the travails of the Clinton sleaze machine entitled, “The Clinton Contamination”, which bemoans the damage done by the Clintons to the reputations of Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.

(Dowd and the Times have called Obama several times before. Example: Barry’s War Within published September 7, 2013 and Is Barry Whiffing? published April 29, 2014.)

IT says a lot about our relationship with Hillary Clinton that she seems well on her way to becoming Madam President because she’s not getting indicted.

If she were still at the State Department, she could be getting fired for being, as the F.B.I. director told Congress, “extremely careless” with top-secret information. Instead, she’s on a glide path to a big promotion.

And that’s the corkscrew way things go with the Clintons, who are staying true to their reputation as the Tom and Daisy Buchanan of American politics. Their vast carelessness drags down everyone around them, but they persevere, and even thrive.

In a mere 11 days, arrogant, selfish actions by the Clintons contaminated three of the purest brands in Washington — Barack Obama, James Comey and Loretta Lynch — and jeopardized the futures of Hillary’s most loyal aides.

It’s quaint, looking back at her appointment as secretary of state, how Obama tried to get Hillary without the shadiness. (Which is what we all want, of course.)

The president and his aides attempted to keep a rein on Clinton’s State Department — refusing to let her bring in her hit man, Sidney Blumenthal.

But in the end, Hillary’s goo got on Obama anyhow. On Tuesday, after Comey managed to make both Democrats and Republicans angry by indicting Clinton politically but not legally, Barry and Hillary flew to Charlotte, N.C., for their first joint campaign appearance.

Obama was left in the awkward position of vouching for Hillary’s “steady judgment” to run an angry, violent, jittery nation on the very day that his F.B.I. director lambasted her errant judgment on circumventing the State Department email system, making it clear that she had been lying to the American public for the last 16 months.”

That reference to ‘Barry and Hillary’ has sent Obama liberals into a snit, with cries of racism being hurled at Dowd and the Times.

The charge is being led by Peter Daou, who was a senior staffer at Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Daou came up with the hashtag #PresidentObamaNotBarry.

Daou penned a column at Blue Nation Review, where he is CEO, entitled Maureen Dowd Takes Racial Swipes at Obama in Wrathful Anti-Hillary Tiradesberating Dowd and the Times for racism.

In Dowd’s latest poisonous anti-Hillary screed, she refers to America’s first black president as “Barry” and says that Hillary’s “goo got on Obama.” For good measure, she accuses Attorney General Loretta Lynch of “dancing with the Arkansas devil in the pale moonlight.”

So, in Dowd’s view, Barack Obama “used race” to get elected, has Hillary’s “goo” on him, and isn’t worthy of enough respect to be referred to by his proper name and title in the pages of the New York Times.

…And we can expect more putrid Hillary-bashing columns from Dowd, suffused with racially-charged jabs at President Obama for helping Hillary become America’s first woman president.

The entire spectacle is utterly disgraceful. The Times should know better.

UPDATE: I’m pleased to see that the hashtag I created to accompany this article is a top five national trend”

The #PresidentObamaNotBarry hashtag has been taken up by both supporters and opponents of Obama on Twitter with opponents bringing up how personally disrespectful liberals were toward President George W. Bush in and out of office.

Daou tweeted a demand for an apology from the Times.

“Considering profound race issues facing U.S., @nytimes should APOLOGIZE for allowing @NYTimesDowd to refer to @POTUS as “Barry.” A disgrace.”

And then came the hashtag:

“If you’re offended by @NYTimesDowd calling President Obama “Barry” – use this tag: #PresidentObamaNotBarry”

Daou’s wife Leela joined the shaming attack.

“Racial context: A prominent white columnist derisively referring to the first black president by a boyhood name.”

Another race card was played by a Daily Kos editor.

“I’d recommend journos not get too out there defending Dowd’s use of “Barry.” The context of a black man being “boyed” is too powerful.”

Crooner Barry Manilow was dragged in to the controversy.

“Ahem, @NYTimesDowd: President Obama is on the left, Barry’s on the right. #PresidentObamaNotBarry”

As were fellow singers Barry White…

…and Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

Amazing how totalitarian the Left is in the U.S. You can’t call Obama by his first name he himself used without being accused of racism. You can’t call him by his full given name Barack Hussein Obama without being accused of racism.

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