Liberal Journalists Seethe With Hatred on Twitter When Republicans Applaud Gay Speaker at RNC

Josh Marshall

Last night at the Republican convention, PayPal founder Peter Thiel got a standing ovation from the audience when he said he was a proud gay man, Republican and American.

This moment sent panic waves through liberal circles because the left thinks it owns the gay vote.

The reaction from some liberal journalists on Twitter was to lash out with hatred. Remember, these are the same people who regularly call conservatives “haters.”


Twitchy has the story:

Tolerance! Journos mock gay Republican Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel’s appearance at #RNCinCLE

Venture capitalist and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel spoke at the Republican convention and delivered a rousing speech:

Being gay and a Republican just doesn’t fit the liberal mold, and some journos couldn’t let it slide:

What you are seeing here is fear.

The left doesn’t want Republicans to appear like loving and tolerant people because that completely destroys their narrative.


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