LEADERSHIP=> Donald Trump Promises to “Make America Safe Again” After 5 Cops Murdered at Black Lives Matter Protest

Donald Trump released a video Friday following the brutal mass killing by a Black Power, anti-white racist at a Black Lives matter protest in Dallas, Texas.

Micah Johnson slaughtered five police officers and wounded seven more in a cold-blooded attack on Thursday night.

Trump promised to “Make America Safe Again” in his statement following the devastating attack on US law enforcement.
CNN reported:


“A brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country, and an attack on our families. We must stand in solidarity with law enforcement, which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos,” Trump said. “Every American has the right to live in safety and peace.”

He added that the deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota show “how much work we have to do in order to make every American feel that their safety is protected.” The video statement marked the first time that Trump had publicly named the victims in the shootings.

Trump also said that racial divisions in the country have “gotten worse, not better” and called for “prayers, love, unity and leadership.”

Trump ended the video with a promise to “Make America Safe Again.”

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