Islamist Couple Shouting “Allah Akbar!” Attack French Soup Kitchen Manager with Axe

soup kitchen france

An Islamist couple screaming, “Allhu Akbar!” attacked a French soup kitchen manager today with an axe.
The woman stabbed him several times in the stomach.
The Mirror reported, via Religion of Peace:

A couple shouting “Allahu Akbar” have attacked a charity boss armed with an axe and knife near Paris in France.

French police are investigating reports the 59-year-old director of the Restos du Coeur soup kitchen in Montreuil, east of Paris, was attacked at around 7.20am earlier this morning.

The attackers allegedly called him an “infidel dog” – and both are now being hunted after fleeing from the scene.

The couple are said to have suddenly appeared on the soup kitchen premises and ‘for no apparent reason’ the male attacker – described as being of African origin – swung at him with the axe which the victim managed to dodge.

The woman – said to be wearing a veil with an open face – then dealt him “several stab wounds” to the stomach.

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