ISIS Claims Train Attack by Ax Wielding Teen Afghan Refugee in Germany

The Islamist terrorist group ISIS published a video Tuesday claiming the 17 year-old Afghan refugee shot and killed by police after he wounded four train passengers in an ax and knife attack in Wurzburg, Germany belonged to ISIS.

ISIS named the attacker as Muhammad Riayad.

A handmade ISIS flag was reportedly found in the bedroom of the Afghan boy at the home of the German foster family where he had been placed two weeks ago.


Still images from the video show the teen holding a knife as he made a statement vowing a suicide attack.

ISIS Wurzburg Train Attacker

Rita Katz, Director of SITE Intelligence Group, posted reports on the ISIS video.

“1)Breaking: #ISIS ‘Amaq released vid on #Wuerzburg #Germany axe attacker, identifying him as Muhammad Riayad”

“2) #Wuerzburg axe attacker:”I’m a soldier of the Caliphate…#ISIS will attack you everywhere…in your villages, cities, & airports””

“3) #ISIS #Wuerzburg axe attacker:”I’ll carry out a suicide op in #Germany…I’ll fight you so long as I’ve vein that beats & slaughter you””

“#ISIS’ Amaq released an English-subtitled version of vid alledgly #Wuerzburg, #Germany axe attacker Mohammad Riyad”

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