ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Afghan “Apostates” to Religious Music

The ISIS branch in Afghanistan released a new video showing child fighters executing Afghan soldiers.
afgahn isis

The ISIS cubs march the soldiers out in orange jumpsuits and shoot them in the head.
isis afghanistan kids

The snuff video is set to religious Islamist music.
The Mirror reported, via Religion of Peace:

New footage showing the depravity of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan has emerged.

The disturbing clip appears to show child soldiers for executing members of the Afghan National Army somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Like previous videos from the terror group, the killings are interspersed with jihadist footage and religious music.

The latest video is titled “Khorasan, The Graveyard of Murtadeen 2.”

Khorasan is understood to the province under ISIS control and Murtadeen is a word for apostate.

It is believed that ISIS first emerged in the region in January 2015.

Here is the video

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